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Xcell Cleaning Services is an experienced and professional provider of high quality cleaning services. Our corporate vision is to achieve excellence in adhering to our three primary objectives:


* The highest level of customer satisfaction through consistent quality performance.


*Honest and ethical business practices with clients, employees and the communities we serve.


*Management support, encouragement and performance that will nurture successful client business growth and corporate profitability.


Xcell Cleaning Services' mission is to provide every client with an exceptional cleaning experience at good value surrounded with outstanding customer service.


Our employees are hardworking, courteous, and professional. All of our staff speak English and are non-smokers. Before being invited into the Xcell Cleaning Services family, the applicant must successfully pass a drug test to ensure there is no illicit drug use. Additionally, an independent background check is completed to screen for any criminal history. We also check immigration status. If there is any hint of trouble, past or present, the applicant is not hired.


Upon being hired, the trainee is educated in the methods of the Xcell Cleaning Services. Regardless of the prior experience of the new cleaner, we educate our trainees in the most efficient and thorough green cleaning methods that make Xcell Cleaning Services unique.


Training begins both by studying a manual and watching a video, built around our unique system. At this point, a written test is taken by the trainee and reviewed with a manager to ensure understanding of the informaion given.

Field training is the next step. The new cleaner is sent out for training with a experienced lead cleaner for multi-day training. Field training varies in length depending on the competence and comfort level of the new cleaner. Both the new cleaner and the lead cleaner share feedback with a manager concerning the readiness level. When the new cleaner is comfortable in her skill set and management agrees, she is assigned her own clients.


We do in home visits to check the new cleaner's work often and phone all of their existing clients to ensure a smooth and satisfactory transition. Xcell Cleaning Services also offers education in safety, environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques and products along with customer service.