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Xcell Cleaning Services understands that keeping your facility in top appearence and clean is vital for any type of commerical property. Because of our commitment to the daily or monthly upkeep of your business, we guarantee we´ll leave your business in a pristine manner. Our day porter's maintain a high level of professionalism; furthermore, we remain devoted to a friendly, courteous and reliable customer service approach.We offer many services that can be custom tailored to meet your needs, however large or small


Keeping the Washington DC area clean is anything but easy, but we at Xcell Cleaning Services are passionate about the task. With our superior cleaning services, commercial companies will never need to look for another commercial cleaning service. Xcell Ceaning Services provides commercial building cleaning for all types of establishments. We are a commercial cleaning business adamantly committed to providing only the best commercial building cleaning services and customer service. If your establishment needs commercial cleaning, the Washington DC area has nothing better to offer than Xcell Cleaning Services.


Xcell Cleaning Services offers high quality post construction cleaning services can not only clean the building in which the work was done, but may also be able to prevent the need for additional employees, limit distractions, and perform a number of other day-to-day cleaning tasks.



Xcell Cleaning Services understands your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place you feel safe, secure, and more importantly, you can be yourself there. Xcell Cleaning Services helps to create a clean, safe environment that you and your family can be proud to call home.



Xcell Cleaning Services is the company that can help you keep the workplace clean, safe, and productive for your employees. We offer commercial office cleaning services that can be customized to meet your needs. Options include bathroom maintenance, interior window washing, vacuuming, mopping, and trash pickup. With this expansive array of available cleaning services, commercial businesses will never have to mop their own floors again! Choose a commercial cleaning service you can trust to get the job done right every time


Xcell Cleaning Services knows that quick apartment turnover is absolutely essential for profits, and this can be difficult when apartments are left in substandard conditions. Thanks to our ongoing training program and our unique, results-driven approach, we're ready to take any apartment cleaning job, even in extreme circumstances where a fast turnover is essential. Our teams can work during peak or non-peak hours to fit your schedule.